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RAIN netlabel
by Brian Grainger
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We present a unique ambient album recorded by Brian Grainger (also known as Milieu). The Ambient Tapes bring atmosphere of sublime lights and discrete shadows, the constant flow of water and voices of trees in the fog. all songs written and produced by brian grainger, performed live at home during fall/winter 2005. contact - cover image by Martin Dot
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Topics: soundscapes, ambient, dark ambient, field recordings, minimal
Sundays In Spring
by The London Apartments
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one thing we can be sure is that the music you will hear clearly belongs to the twenty first century. there are some touches of indietronica, atmospheres of dreampop, and sincerity of intimate emoish songwriting. just sit down on your back, look at the starry sky and start to fly with your blurry eyes. bio: justin langlois and erin fortier are the two folk behind the london apartments. embracing technology alongside bedroom pop songwriting ethics, the london apartments' eyes light up under the...
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Topic: Indie-tronica